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Important Information About Getting Dental Implants Abroad

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One of the best methods of lowering the cost of dental implants is getting them overseas. Although the cost of the dental implant procedure tends to be very high in the United States, there are quite a few foreign countries where the procedure can be carried out by qualified dentists at a much lower cost. 

Dental tourism is becoming more and more common as Americans look for a way to handle the high costs of their dental care needs. However, planning for dental care abroad takes quite a bit of research and planning.

The following are a few common questions that those who are considering having dental implants put in overseas might ask:

How much less expensive are implants overseas?

The exact difference between costs at home and abroad will depend on the particular practices offering the services.

Dental implant costs in the United States can vary widely--between $3,000 and $6,000--depending on the location of the office and a variety of other factors. Some dentists abroad will perform the procedure for as little as $1,000.

In what countries can I get dental implants at a lower cost?

For Americans, Mexico is probably the most popular country for dental implants abroad. It's also fairly simple for those residing in the United States to travel to Costa Rica or El Salvador for the inexpensive dental services offered in these countries. 

Other countries overseas the are known for low cost implants are India, Hungary, and Thailand. 

Will the cost of travel make implants abroad just as expensive as they would be at home?

Again, cost-effective dental tourism takes quite a bit of research and planning. Getting implants abroad will result in particularly high savings for those who live near the Mexican boarder. Mexico is a popular destination for low cost implants, and residents of states like California and Arizona can often make it round trip to a Mexican dental clinic in one day of travel or less.

Even those who are located further from international borders benefit from the fact that lodging and travel costs are usually inexpensive in countries that also offer inexpensive dental services. In determining if getting dental implants abroad is worthwhile, patients will have to crunch the numbers and calculate how expensive travel and any necessary lodging costs will be. 

Will my insurance cover a dental implant procedure abroad?

Dental insurance plans in the United States typically don't cover dental implants. While your dental insurance probably won't cover you if you have the procedure abroad, it might also offer no coverage or only very limited coverage on dental implants at home. Dental implants abroad might be cheaper even without insurance coverage. If all this seems like too much of a hassle, consider talking to a local dentist, such as Periodontal Implant Associates, for a local quote.