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Learn What Causes A Tooth To Turn Grey Or Black

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There are times when one tooth can become darker than the other teeth in your mouth. The tooth can appear to have a grey or even black color to it and may be slightly more sensitive than your other teeth. The following guide walks you through a few basic things you need to know about a single grey or black tooth.

What Causes a Single Tooth to Turn Black or Grey?

Trauma: When a tooth is hit hard by something, it can cause it to turn black or grey. This is commonly seen in children because children often fall during play and hit their teeth on things. The tooth turns black or grey because blood stops flowing to the tooth and it begins to die. It is commonly seen in baby teeth and does not cause any permanent damage to adult teeth. However, there are some adults who suffer trauma to their teeth and the tooth will start to turn black or grey as well.

Medications: Certain medications cause staining of the teeth. Tetracycline is an example of a medication that is often prescribed to treat infections that occur in the body. The medication causes teeth to become discolored because it slows the growth of enamel on the teeth, allowing them to become more vulnerable to staining.  

Can Anything be Done to Repair the Discoloration?

Fortunately, the discolored teeth can be treated to remove the discoloration. A dentist can use a dental tray that is designed to allow them to apply specialized whitening solution on the exact teeth that need to be whitened. This allows the solution to focus on only the teeth that are not the same color as the rest of your teeth so that you can have a uniform smile.

How Can You Prevent the Tooth Discoloration?

Tooth discoloration can be prevented by protecting your teeth when you do anything that could be potentially dangerous to them. Wear a mouth guard when playing sports, skateboarding, or rollerblading. Also, only take medications that have the side effect of teeth discoloration as prescribed. You do not want to take them for any longer than you absolutely have to take them.

If you notice that one or a few of your teeth are starting to turn grey or black, you should go see your dentist right away. You need to start having the discoloration treated as soon as possible if you want your smile to look as good as possible later on down the road.