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Steps To Take If Your Front Tooth Is Knocked Out

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Whether it happens while playing sports, in an auto wreck, or through any other type of accident, having one of your front teeth knocked out can be traumatic and painful. Luckily, if you act quickly, it is possible that your tooth can be saved and reattached in its socket. Take the following steps if one of your front teeth is knocked out:

Stop the Bleeding

When a tooth is knocked out, there can be a lot of blood involved, which can be frightening and unnerving. Quickly stop the flow of blood by using a clean cloth or piece of gauze to lightly apply pressure to the bleeding socket. 

Find Your Tooth as Quickly as Possible

While you will need emergency dental treatment if your tooth is knocked out, do whatever you can to find your missing tooth before heading to the dentist. When a tooth is found right away, there is a good chance that your dentist can save it and reattach it to the socket. It is important to pick up the missing tooth by the crown-- avoid touching the root, as you can damage or injure it.

Rinse Tooth with Water

If your tooth has completely come out of your mouth and fallen on the ground, clean it gently by rinsing it with water. Don't scrub it with toothpaste or use soap or any other types of chemical to clean it. You should also avoid drying the tooth, and don't wrap the tooth up in anything.

Place the Tooth Back in the Socket as Soon as Possible

To increase the likelihood of you dentist being able to save your tooth, try to place it back in the socket as quickly as possible. Use clean fingers to hold it in its proper place, or gently bite down to keep it from falling out of your mouth.

Make Sure Your Tooth Remains Moist

If your tooth dries out, it will be nearly impossible for your dentist to save it and reattach it. If, for some reason, you can't reposition the tooth back in its socket, make sure that you keep it moist. Use an emergency tooth preservation kit if you have one in your first aid kit; you can also place the tooth in a cup of milk or hold it in your mouth next to your cheek.

Go to the Dentist Immediately

Time is of the essence when a front tooth is knocked out, so it is important to see a dentist immediately. If your tooth is knocked out outside of regular office hours, look for a dentist who provides emergency dental care around the clock and on weekends, like Ellen Bollmeier, DMD, LLC.