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Planning To Roam Around Wine Country? Don't Let The Wine Stain Your Teeth

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If you love to drink wine and are planning to visit wine country soon, you will be tasting a lot of red wine at each winery. Even though wine tastes great, it can easily stain your teeth. To prevent this from happening, follow the tips below so your teeth will come back home perfectly white.

Brush Your Teeth

Make sure you brush your teeth well before you leave for a winery. You need to make sure all food buildup is brushed off. This is because any food that is on your teeth is porous, and when you drink wine, the food will absorb the wine, and the wine will be staining your teeth until you brush again.

If you are planning to visit many wineries in one day, bring a travel toothbrush and toothpaste with you to make sure you keep your teeth brushed.

Eat These Foods

Pack some crunchy vegetables, such as cucumbers, carrot sticks, broccoli, celery, and cauliflower, with you on your trip. These foods act like natural teeth cleaners and they help keep your gums clean because of the way you have to chew to break this food down.

Keep a pack of sugar free gum with you, and chew a piece after you finish wine tasting. While you are chewing the gum, it will pick up much of the red wine on your teeth.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water offers many health benefits, including keeping your teeth clean, keeping your gums hydrated, and washing away food particles. Keep a bottle of water with you and swish your mouth out before each wine tasting, if possible, then swish your mouth out again after you are finished.

Have Your Teeth Whitened

If you notice any red stains when you return, contact your dentist and make an appointment to have your teeth whitened.  You can buy whitening kits over the counter, but it can take weeks for them to work, and they may not get all of the stains off. When getting your teeth whitened at a dentist office, you may only have to go for one visit.

Drinking a glass of red wine every day also offers some benefits, such as heart health and can help prevent tooth decay. This will prevent your teeth from forming cavities. Cavities can turn into a much larger problem if they are not taken care of. For example, an untreated cavity deepens until it pierces through the tooth enamel. Once this happens, the pulp inside of your tooth will likely become infected, which would result in a root canal. This would result in severe pain, and may even warrant a trip to an emergency dentist. like Hernandez Dental.