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2 Tips To Aid Your Teen's Recovery From Corrective Jaw Surgery For Impacted Wisdom Teeth

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Impacted wisdom teeth can make living with them seem like a chore. They often hide food debris and bacteria which often leads to bacterial infections. While infections can cause a tremendous amount of discomfort, impacted wisdom teeth can also result in a  more extreme dental issue like a malocclusion. A malocclusion will leave your teen with a jaw that is pushed out of alignment. In order to get the issue fixed as a soon as possible, a corrective jaw procedure will be recommended to your teen. This procedure is usually very successful and takes a few months before it is fully healed. There are a few tips that you can use to ensure that your teen recovers and heals properly.

Make Sure Your Teen Keeps Their Stint Clean

A stint is often installed after the procedure to make sure that when the jaw heals it heals in the proper alignment. The stint works best if it is kept clean. This often easier said than done, especially right after surgery. The first few days after surgery, the stint should not be removed or touched. During this time, your teen needs, to keep their mouth and stint clean with a mouth cleanser. A mouth cleanser can be either a commercial oral rinse or mouthwash. In addition, you can ask your dentist about a stint cleaner. This will help to protect the dental device and surgical sites. While recovering from surgery, it may be difficult to get the strength to keep the stint clean. However, helping your teen improve their oral care now will ensure their recovery is as smooth.

Make Sure Your Teen Remains Hydrated

Once at home, your teen should be consuming fluids throughout the day. They will initially be restricted to a liquid diet. It is important to ensure that they are not just drinking juices and sodas. They should mostly be consuming plain water. Helping your teen remain hydrated during their recovery process will allow their body to heal much faster and without any hiccups. You can help them with this by giving them a glass of water with each meal and before they go to bed. This will allow them to consume the liquids they need without it being too overwhelming.

Once your teen recovers from their corrective jaw surgery, they will be able to enjoy their new smile. Use these tips to make the recovery as pain-free as possible. For more information about oral surgery and other dental tips, contact Brookside Dental Associate.