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Why Clear Aligners Could Be The Solution For Your Teen's Crooked Teeth

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Do you have a teen who needs to straighten their teeth? If so, you are likely considering orthodontic treatments. Most parents are familiar with traditional wire braces, but some do not realize that there are other alternatives to the thick, wiry braces of yesteryear. Clear aligners are an example of one option, and they are ideal for teens for a number of reasons. The following points will help you understand why Invisalign could be right for your child. 


One thing that concerns many teens is whether or not their peers will tease them. This is why some children do not want to wear traditional braces. Clear aligners fit over teeth and are barely noticeable. As you child's teeth straighten, they get new aligners to ensure proper fitting. 


Children may also find traditional braces a challenge when there are certain activities or milestones they have. For example, clear aligners can be removed for important events such as yearbook pictures, prom, or sports activities. Braces would be obvious and can not be removed. It is also possible for a mouth injury to occur if something like a soccer ball makes contact with a child's face who is wearing braces. Mouthguards can be used during sports activities when clear aligners are taken out. 

Unrestricted Eating

There are certain foods that individuals who wear braces are not supposed to eat. The dietary restrictions are due to the risks of breaking their brackets or bending the wires on their braces. Examples of foods they cannot eat are popcorn, crisp apples, hard candy, and certain breads. Your child can continue to eat the foods they enjoy if you opt for Invisalign. This is because the aligners are removed when it is meal or snack time. 

Easy Dental Hygiene

Some children find it challenging to clean their teeth with braces. Food can get lodged in brackets, and it must be properly removed to prevent decay. Your child would be able to remove their aligners and clean their teeth as they normally would. This means that their dental hygiene will be virtually the same as it has always been except they will need to remember to put their aligners back in. 

An orthodontist or cosmetic dentist like Beck Pearce Dental are good resources to use to learn more about Invisalign. These professionals can also help you to decide whether this type of treatment is ideal for your child. For example, if your child forgets or misplaces things often, clear aligners could be a challenge for them to be responsible for.