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Three Reasons You Shouldn't Be Nervous About Dental Implant Surgery

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Dental implants are becoming steadily more and more common as far as replacement teeth options go. The reason being that they are extremely life-like and long lasting. However, it does require surgery, which makes many people nervous and sometimes even falter to other, lesser options. Rather than do this, consider these three reasons why you shouldn't be nervous:

  1. The Procedure is Intricately Planned: First off, you should know that the surgery is intricately planned by your dentist and it's actually considered a minor surgery because of it. Your dentist uses your x-rays and CT imaging to ensure that your mouth is properly mapped out way ahead of time. This way, if a complicated issue is detected, such as pieces of tooth getting in the way of the implant sight, it can be taken care of being the surgery. From here, the exact surgical site is decided so that the incision is done correctly the first time. 
  2. The Procedure Can be Done With Anesthesia: Many people will tell you that implant surgery is even easier than a tooth extraction. However, if you are concerned and anxious, you can still opt for anesthesia to numb the area. You can even talk about sedative medication if you feel it is necessary. You may need to work with a sedative dentist for this, which is definitely possible for implantation surgery and patients who are extremely anxious. 
  3. The After Affects are Minimal: Once the surgery is done, the healing process is quick and usually has very little to no discomfort. This is because the tissues that are incised are stitched with absorbing sutures, which prevents inflammation. However, you are usually given anti-inflammatory medication to help even more. You can expect the healing to be over with almost right away and then you return a few weeks later to have the crown placed, which is simple and requires no invasive procedure. 

These are just three reasons not to be nervous about dental implant surgery. Talk with your dentist further about the procedure to help even more with putting your mind at ease. Your dentist will understand you better and ensure that the procedure runs smoothly precisely to your specific needs. Doing this and making a plan will ensure that it's done quickly and provides you the results you were looking for, which is a strong, healthy, and full smile you will be happy to show off. 

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