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3 Foods That Can Whiten Your Teeth

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Eating, drinking, taking certain medications, and using tobacco products can all cause discoloration and staining on your teeth. These stains are not necessarily dangerous to your oral health, but they can decrease the look of your smile while affecting your self-esteem. Dentists offer many whitening treatments, and you can purchase pastes and rinses at your local store. However, certain foods can actually help whiten your teeth, too. Here are a few foods to add to your diet if you want white, bright teeth.


There is a reason why photographers tell you to "say cheese" when capturing a picture. Basically, cheese is good for your oral health, and knowing this should make you smile!

Cheese contains important nutrients, such as calcium and phosphate, which are known to strengthen your tooth enamel. Strong enamel is crucial for protecting the surface of your teeth from stains and the underlying tooth pulp from cavities and decay.

Consuming cheese is also known to increase your mouth's production of saliva. Not only does saliva rid your mouth of food residue and harmful bacteria, but it also rinses away food particles from the surface of your teeth. This can decrease your risk of discoloration and stains.

If you are like most people, you may worry about the high calories or fat content in cheese. Fortunately, certain cheeses are healthier than others. Avoid any cheeses that are processed, such as pre-sliced cheeses and cheese sprays. Consider brie, blue cheese, Monterey jack, and aged cheddar for healthier options.


Because they are fruit, you probably know that apples are healthy for you, but you may not realize they can help prevent tooth discoloration.

Apples are harder fruits which require harder bites and longer chew times. During the process of biting and chewing through an apple, the harder fibrous content wears down any food residue and plaque that may be lingering on the surface of your teeth.

Consuming an apple a day may keep the doctor away, but it can also reduce the number of whitening treatments you need at the dentist.


One of the most surprising foods that can benefit your oral health is the onion. Although not ideal for maintaining fresh breath, onions contain sulfur compounds that fight off plaque.

By eating onions, you can reduce the amount of plaque on your teeth, which can prevent discoloration over time. In addition, onions can prevent plaque buildup in the future, protecting the look and underlying health of your smile.

Cheese, apples, and onions may not seem like a delicious meal, but incorporating these foods into your daily diet is smart for your oral health.