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Do Your Braces Bother You? Talk To Your Orthodontist

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Getting braces is a great way to straighten your smile and improve the way you feel about your teeth. Not only does straightening your teeth give you a more natural smile, the process of getting braces helps to improve your oral hygiene, make it easier to chew and speak, and gives you more comfort in your mouth as well.

However, braces aren't always pain-free. Sometimes braces become uncomfortable. If your braces are hurting you, talk to your orthodontist right away. You'll get an appointment to determine what is causing your discomfort and treatments to find relief. Learn why your braces hurt and what you can do about the situation.

Your brackets are tight

Your orthodontist will tighten your dental brackets to help your teeth be guided in a straighter position. The tightening can cause discomfort, pressure, or even pain. You will get used to the discomfort, but if you find you can't eat, sleep, or treat the discomfort with over-the-counter medication, talk to your orthodontist.

Your orthodontist can prescribe you an oral gel to relieve pain or may give you advice for eating certain foods to help reduce jaw pressure. If your brackets feel too tight, your orthodontist may make them a tad looser to help alleviate your pain without compromising your dental improvement.

You're getting mouth sores

The metal on your braces can rub against your tongue, gums, or inner cheek, leaving you with mouth sores. Immediately call your orthodontist if you have sores in your mouth, as they can get infected without treatment. Your orthodontist can prescribe a special wax or gel to put on your braces to help create a barrier between your mouth and the foreign object.

You're having troubles keeping braces clean

When you get braces, you have to learn new ways to brush your teeth and keep your mouth clean. You have to avoid or limit certain foods that can get stuck in your brackets.

If, despite your best efforts, your braces are full of food debris and other matter, call your orthodontist. You'll get a braces cleaning as well as a brush-up on how to keep brackets clean so your oral hygiene stays in check.

Braces take some getting used to, but your orthodontist can help. When you take care of your braces properly, your teeth get straighter while you remain as comfortable as possible. Always refer to your orthodontist for any dental pain or issues related to braces.