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How Vaping Is Bad For Your Oral Health

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Have you been wondering if your recent vaping habit has been having an impact on your oral health? It may be causing more damage than you think. Here is what you need to know about how you are causing damage to your gums and teeth.


Many people associate teeth staining with smoking cigarettes because cigarettes have tar inside them that ends up on the surface of your teeth. However, this can happen with vaping as well. Even though it is less likely to happen with vaping, it can still happen over time. This is especially true if you are using any type of vaping product that is colored artificially, since that can cause your teeth to become stained. You can use a whitening procedure to get the color back, but it's better just to avoid anything that can cause tooth discoloration in the first place. 

Tooth Loss

One of the side effects of vaping is that it can cause gum disease, which is one of the primary reasons that people end up losing their teeth. You may not realize that you have the symptoms of gum disease due to your vaping habit, and your body is going to have a harder time fighting off diseases in your mouth. This is not a good combination and can lead to serious oral health problems that cannot be easily treated, like teeth staining. 

Bad Breath

Don't assume that the fruity flavors of a vape product are going to result in your not having bad breath. Bad breath is caused by having less saliva in your mouth, which makes bacteria more likely to form. It's not the vape juice itself that is the reason for bad breath, but the effect that it causes.

Oral Cancer

Anytime you are putting nicotine in your mouth, you are causing damage at the cellular level. This is why people that vape tend to have visible side effects on the inside of their mouth. If you are going to the dentist regularly, they are going to screen you for oral cancer and let you know about potential problems. However, you still need to change your ways and give up vaping products so that it doesn't get to that point.

Do you still have questions about the effects that vaping can have on your oral health? Reach out to a dentist at your local family dental clinic for more information.