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What Brushing Habits Should You Be Teaching Your Child?

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There will come a point where you'll no longer be the one brushing your child's teeth and they'll need to start doing things on their own. That's why it's good to know what brushing habits you should be teaching your child as they start off since there is more to brushing than just moving the brush around in their mouth. Here are some good habits to teach them. 

Making Brushing Part of a Routine

The key to getting your kid to brush their teeth twice a day is to make it part of a routine. They should be doing it at the same part of the day every single day, which will make them a creature of habit. If their bedtime routine is to put on PJs, brush their teeth, and read stories, they will know that they don't get to storytime until their teeth are brushed. 

Know that it can take a while to build habits in children. It can sometimes take weeks or months for a habit to form, and you will need to stay on top of them at first to make sure that they do it. However, once they learn the habit, they'll continue to be independent on their own.

Brushing for Two Minutes Each Time

Your child likely does not have a concept of how long two minutes really is when it comes to brushing their teeth. That's why it helps to teach them the amount of time to brush with a timer. There are many different timers you can purchase that can help them stay on task. It could be a simple egg timer that you set before you start brushing or an app for their table that makes it a bit more fun. 

Teaching How to Brush

Now that brushing is part of the routine for the proper amount of time, they need to know how to brush their teeth. It's not just about brushing the teeth but getting rid of the plaque that collects along their gums. They need to brush by overlapping the brush with their teeth and gums to help stimulate the gums and get the plaque out of there. While it is important to get the food out of the pits of their molars, brushing along the gums will help you set them up for success later in life. 

Reach out to a pediatric dental clinic for more tips on how to teach your child good habits.