Dental Implants Can Make Your Smile Brighter

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Tooth Replacement Options For Patients To Consider

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A missing tooth can have a major impact on your overall appearance. While losing one or more teeth can be a serious issue, you might not know enough about the option of using dental implants to be able to determine whether this is a viable solution.

Missing Teeth Can Lead To Complications If They Are Not Replaced

Patients will benefit from acting quickly to undergo the process of having a replacement tooth placed in their mouths. Without a replacement tooth, a person could find that many of their teeth end up being affected by the missing tooth. Shifting positions is one of the more common issues that can impact the other teeth in your mouth. However, a missing tooth can also increase the chances of the jaw bone thinning and weakening. Replacing the missing tooth as promptly as possible can be one option for mitigating these complications.

Other Individuals May Not Realize That You Even Have A Dental Implant

Dental implants can be some of the most discrete tooth replacement solutions that a person can choose. When you have a dental implant placed in your mouth, you will find that many individuals will be unable to tell that the tooth is artificial when you are smiling or talking. In contrast, dentures and bridges can be significantly easier to notice when a person is wearing them. Additionally, these options can be more likely to accidentally fall out of the mouth or suffer other significant failures that can draw attention to them. Dental implants are placed directly in the jaw, which can help them to more effectively remain in place.

A Dental Implant Is Made Of Two Components

There are many patients that will think that their dental implants are a single component. In reality, most dental implants will be made of two components. The implant itself is a piece of titanium that can be inserted into the jaw bone. This material is chosen as it can be exceptional for bonding with bone tissue. On top of the implant will be the artificial tooth. While the implant will be a permanent addition to your mouth, the artificial tooth will eventually need to be replaced due to wear on it. Luckily, modern artificial tooth caps are capable of lasting for a decade or longer. Additionally, the process of replacing the artificial tooth can be much shorter and easier on the patient as the artificial tooth is designed to be removable from the implant.