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What To Know About An Immediate Load Implant

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Immediate load implants, also known as same-day implants, are implants allowing a temporary dental restoration on the implant right away. This means that the patient can leave the dental office with a functional set of teeth on the same day as the implant procedure, without having to wait for a healing period. The benefits of an immediate load implant are many, as mentioned below. 

They are Quick and Convenient

One of the main advantages of immediate load implants is the convenience and time savings they offer. Traditional implant procedures typically involve a healing period of several months before the permanent dental restoration can be placed. With immediate load implants, patients can receive a temporary restoration right away, allowing them to leave the dental office with functional teeth and avoid the need for a prolonged waiting period.

They Provide Immediate Use and an Enhanced Appearance

By providing immediate functionality and aesthetics, immediate load implants can significantly enhance the patient's appearance and confidence. Instead of living with missing teeth or temporary solutions, such as dentures or bridges, patients can enjoy a restored smile right after the implant procedure.

They Help to Preserve Bones 

Immediate-load implants can help preserve the bone and soft tissues in the implant area. By providing immediate stability and load bearing, they stimulate the surrounding bone, which can contribute to better preservation of the jawbone volume and gum tissues compared to traditional implants, where a healing period is required before loading the implants.

They Require Only a Single Surgery

Immediate load implants streamline the treatment process by eliminating the need for a second surgery to uncover the implant and place the permanent restoration. This can reduce the number of dental appointments and overall treatment time. It is important to note that the final restoration will still need to be placed after the initial healing period to ensure optimal function and aesthetics.

Improved Quality of Life 

Immediate-load implants can significantly improve the quality of life for patients with missing teeth. They provide a more convenient and efficient solution compared to traditional implant procedures, allowing patients to quickly regain their ability to speak, eat, and smile confidently.

Unfortunately, not all patients are suitable candidates for immediate load implants. Factors such as the quality and quantity of bone, the patient's oral health, and the implant location can influence the feasibility of immediate loading. A thorough evaluation and consultation with a dental professional are necessary to determine if immediate load implants are a suitable option for an individual case.

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