Dental Implants Can Make Your Smile Brighter

The New Technology Of 3D Printing And... The Dentist?

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If you’ve been to the dentist to receive a crown on your teeth during your life, you probably aren’t too fond of the process. The traditional process involves two trips to the dentist’s office– the first so the dentist can fully inspect and prepare the tooth (as well as get an impression so the forthcoming crown will fit properly), and the second visit to actually cement the new crown in place in your mouth. Read More»

Don't Let Your Concerns Interfere With Your Dental Implant Surgery

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If you need dental implant surgery to improve the functions of your teeth and jaws, or to replace your missing teeth, you may be concerned about how your implants will fit after your surgery. You may even be concerned that you can’t afford your dental implants — and if they’ll last throughout your lifetime. You’re not alone with your concerns. Over 30 million individuals have one or more missing teeth. Many of these dental clients choose to enhance their smiles with dental implants because the treatments are the only way to improve their oral health. Read More»

How Is A Root Canal Performed?

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If you’re facing an upcoming root canal, you want to educate yourself on the procedure so you know what to expect. Root canals tend to scare people, but the more of an understanding you have about what’s going to happen during the procedure, the less stress you will feel going into it. The information below will help you to know just what to expect: What to expect during the procedure? Read More»