Dental Implants Can Make Your Smile Brighter

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Why Your Dental Filling May Require A Crown

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If you have a tooth that has decayed significantly, a normal dental filling may not be all you need to fix the problem. In some situations, a dentist may recommend using a crown and a filling to fix the problematic tooth. Here are two reasons why crowns and fillings are used together. Decay Has Destroyed So Much Tooth That The Tooth Could Break When a tooth has a very large cavity, the chances are greater that the tooth will crack or break. Read More»

It's Chocolate Time Again! Strategies For Keeping Your Valentine's Day Teeth Healthy

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Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and with it is coming all that wonderful chocolate and sugar. Be it a dark chocolate bon bon or a chewy candy heart, a Valentine’s Day treat is a treat to savor – carefully. You and your valentine still need to look out for your dental health. As with any other holiday that includes a huge food culture, you can keep your teeth safe with a few simple moves. Read More»